CKDCF Brings Christmas Cheer to the RVI Once Again

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Once again, the CKDCF has helped to bring a little bit of Christmas cheer to the children of the Royal Victoria Infirmary’s Children’s Cancer Wards (4 & 14). 

This year, the CKDCF has donated £1,000 worth of entertainment equipment to the RVI Children’s Cancer Wards in Newcastle, England. The equipment, comprising of games, toys, DVDs and electronic DVD viewers, will be used by children on the ward to act as a distraction from their treatment – which is usually a traumatic ordeal.

In addition to the entertainment package, the CKDCF supplied the wards with 200 chocolate selection boxes to be handed out by Santa at the Christmas party. The majority of the boxes were given out to children at the party; making that day just a little bit more memorable and enjoyable. The remainder was sent back to the hospital and given to outpatients.

Photographs of the gifts from the CKDCF, and photographs from the Christmas party, can be found in the gallery at the top of this article!

Sunday 29th November 2015