Christmas Gifts from CKDCF

Once again, the CKDCF have donated 200 Cadbury’s selection boxes to the Newcastle RVI’s Children’s Cancer Wards 4 and 14. These selection boxes were individually wrapped by Mark Andrews, a CKDCF volunteer, and they were then delivered and unloaded at the hospital’s Christmas party in Newcastle by Mark, his children Matthew and Evie, CKDCF fundraiser Russell Chambers and his daughter Rachel.

In addition, the CKDCF have donated £1,000 worth of gifts to the ward, which treats children from all across the north of England. These gifts included: Xbox games, Playstation games, DVDs, an iPad Mini and an iPod Touch, all of which will act as a comfort for children waiting for, or going in for, surgery.


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30th November 2014