CKDCF funds Egremont maths students

A £1,000 donation to an Egremont school will benefit children with special educational needs.

The Charlie and Kathleen Dunnery Children’s Fund has handed over the money to St Bridget’s Catholic Primary School.

Former It Bites front man Francis Dunnery returned to his old primary school to see how the money, which has been spent on new maths equipment, is benefiting students.

Headteacher Suzanne Smith said: “We are delighted and very grateful to The Charlie and Kathleen Dunnery Children’s Fund for donating money to our school.

“The money has been used to provide maths equipment, enabling our special needs children access to the curriculum in a way in which enhances their learning.”

Mark Andrews, a school governor, helps the Dunnery Children’s Fund while Francis Dunnery’s niece’s children are current pupils.

Mrs Smith said: “A special thanks to Mark Andrews, a governor in school, who was instrumental in us receiving this funding.

“We all enjoyed a visit in school from Francis Dunnery and his sister Faye where they could see first hand how the money was spent.

“We are a very inclusive school and believe all children have the right to the best education possible, regardless of their abilities. This funding has gone towards ensuring these children are given those opportunities.”

The money was handed over to the school at the fund’s annual charity evening at The Seacote Hotel, St Bees.

Established in 2002, The Charlie and Kathleen Dunnery Children’s Fund is dedicated to children’s health and wellbeing in Cumbria. It provides grants and charitable donations to organisations that benefit local children in need.

PUBLISHED November 1, 2017

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