Rosehill Theatre and Francis Dunnery is back with friends old and new to perform to his ‘Hometown’ . Frank’s music is so enthralling and personal it touches you where others cannot. Dori Jackson on backing vocals enhances his unique sound as she accompanied him with the same rich dulcet tones of Karen Carpenter and is currently recording an album of her own on Franks record label Aquarian Nation. I cannot express how Frank’s lyrics and music draw you in on such a personal level and his playing the guitar is such a part of him you’d think he was born with it in his hands.

All his family gathered to pay tribute to a man who they are so proud of and have supported through the years as well as those who follow in his footsteps as his nephew John Dunnery has of ‘John and Wayne’. They also performed and write in a similar way to Frank which are songs about their experiences and had the audience laughing at their stories of being on the road! ‘Coulda killed Keith’ was a song they performed which will also be produced on Aquarian Nation.

Dedicated followers of Frank’s came from all over the country to support the charity he has set up in memory of his late mother and father, together with friends he grew up with on Gulley Flatts, celebrated in the song ‘Gulley Flatts Boys’. Chris Difford formally of the 80’s group Squeeze accompanied Frank on stage for a song they wrote together.

By Thelma Atherton
Published in Egremont Today

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