Franics Dunnery with David Sancious and Dorie Jackson plus John & Wayne, Rosehill Theatre, Whitehaven, Sunday, October 23

THERE’S always a buzz when Francis Dunnery rocks back into town with his own unique brand of musical brilliance which packed Whitehaven’s gem theatre two nights on the trot this weekend.

The audience at last night’s show – an extra gig to meet overwhelming demand – love this local boy-made-good so much they didn’t want him to leave.

They cheered, whistled, stomped their feet and called out for more with a passion until Francis returned to the stage with veteran keyboard player David Sancious, soulful singer Dorie Jackson and ‘folk’ duo John & Wayne, who kicked off the two-and-a-half-hour gig with their witty songs about life’s trials and tribulations.

They raised knowing smiles as they sang about a lack of beer, being scared of a workmate, or, in Well But Poor – a song inspired by a local phrase – a severe lack of cash. They were accompanied by the divine Ms Jackson, whose voice was hauntingly beautiful.

Both technically-brilliant musicians – Sancious on keyboard, Dunnery on guitar and vocals – they also play with passion and humour. Their mid-set jamming certainly achieved Dunnery’s desired effect of “moving some molecules” in the audience.

And the army of die-hard fans were more than willing to join in with a chorus or call out to let Francis know they were there – they’re proud of this West Cumbrian son who celebrates his roots.

By Andrea Thompson
Published in News & Star

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