CKDCF funding boost for dancers

by Drew Sandelands

Dancers at a Cumbrian school have received a welcome boost after new equipment was donated by a musician’s charity.

Over £1,000 worth of equipment was donated to Whitehaven’s Mayfield School dance club by the Egremont-based Charlie and Kathleen Dunnery Children’s Fund (CKDCF).

The charity – set up by former It Bites star Francis Dunnery – provided the equipment, including a fog machine, in memory of John Lynn.

Mr Lynn had been a big supporter of the charity for over a decade and was a huge fan of Francis Dunnery.

Mark Andrews, from the CKDCF, said: “He travelled over for our events and did our walk last year in a mankini. He was a big fan of Francis and would sometimes go to his whole tour.”

In total £1,110 was donated to the school and this will help the club attend even more dance competitions.

Alison Forster, Mayfield’s dance club teacher, said: “This will make a huge difference, the dance club doesn’t have much funding. Recently we entered a competition and when we got there they had no music equipment, we had to use a CD player.

“This equipment means we can go to any competition and take our shows on tour to other schools.”

PUBLISHED October 25, 2016

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