Robert Plant

Children’s charity CKDCF has pulled off one of the biggest coups in Cumbrian music history by securing the talents of the Zep’s charismatic front-man, Robert Plant, for their annual fundraising concert to be held in Egremont Market Hall later this month.

The CKDCF, a small charity based in Egremont which provide grants and charitable donations to help Cumbrian children in need, was founded by Francis Dunnery of It Bites fame. Francis met Robert Plant in the early 90s when he was asked to audition for, and later became, guitarist in Plant’s band.

The pair have remained friends ever since but when Francis asked him if he might be able to help support the charity he says he did so reluctantly. “Robert gets asked for his patronage all the time from various organizations throughout the world,” explains Dunnery. “He is a contributor to various charities including the Nordoff Robbins music therapy fund in the USA.

“The fact that Robert agreed to travel all the way to Cumbria after recently finishing a three year stint on tour, rehearse, perform and take part in our charity, is a testament to his character. I am truly indebted to the man. Everyone at the CKDCF is excited beyond belief and this year’s fundraising has already surpassed the previous 13 years.”

Since the announcement of Robert Plant’s scheduled appearance, tickets for the concert have sold out, with hundreds of people set to attend. Alongside Robert Plant, other performances at the fundraising concert include: Big Big Train, Peter Jones, Dorie Jackson, John Mitchell, Andrea and Bennedetta, John Gilmour Smith, John Bentley, Materya, John and Wayne and of course Francis Dunnery himself.

“If you were fortunate to get a ticket for this year’s event,” said Francis, “then you can look forward to a fantastic performance and if you were too late, perhaps next year you will consider adding the CKDCF fundraising weekend to your annual calendar so as not to miss out on the fantastic fun that we have every year.”

The CKCDF Annual Benefit Concert takes place at Egremont Market Hall on Saturday 24 October. If you want to find out more about the charity or make a donation, visit www.ckdcf.org

PUBLISHED September 30, 2015
Published on www.cumbrialive.co.uk