CKDCF funds Christmas for RVI Children’s Cancer Wards

This Christmas, the CKDCF donated £1,000-worth of items and 200 selection boxes to the children’s cancer wards at Newcastle’s RVI hospital. 

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The items, which include a karaoke machine, will act as a distraction for children on the ward, many of whom are required to remain on the ward for a prolonged period of time – with some having to remain in isolation.  Celebratory ‘end of treatment’ gift cards will be used to mark milestones in the children’s treatment.

At the Christmas party for all the patients of wards 4 and 14, 200 selection boxes were handed out by the CKDCF (via the CKDCF’s own Father Christmas, of course!). The event is a welcome break for the patients still undergoing treatment, allowing them and their parents to interact with others in similar situations.

The CKDCF is proud to make this annual donation, as the RVI treats a high number of young Cumbrian patients.

Sunday 2nd December 2018