CKDCF funds primary school pupils

The CKDCF donated over £1,200 for the purchase of Numicon to assist with the learning of students with learning difficulties. 

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The Numicon resources will enable children, especially those with special needs, to improve their maths skills.

Headteacher Suzanne Smith told The Whitehaven News, “We are delighted and very grateful to The Charlie and Kathleen Dunnery Children’s Fund for donating money to our school.

“The money has been used to provide maths equipment, enabling our special needs children access to the curriculum in a way in which enhances their learning.

“We are a very inclusive school and believe all children have the right to the best education possible, regardless of their abilities. This funding has gone towards ensuring these children are given those opportunities.”

The founder of the CKDCF, Francis Dunnery, visited the school with CKDCF trustees, Mark Andrews and Fay Dunnery, to observe how the equipment helps improve numeracy skills.

Thursday 19th October 2017