CKDCF Funds Primary School’s New Sensory Unit

The CKDCF have donated £1,960 to fund a new mobile sensory unit in Haverigg Primary School, Cumbria.

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Photographs credit: CKDCF & Lisa Penrith

The new unit, which has been named ‘The Peter Watson Sensory Unit’, will be used by autistic children at the primary school and can be moved from classroom-to-classroom. The plaque pictured above will adorn the door of the room in which the unit will be stored.

The CKDCF, and our fundraisers, have already received thanks from a number of grateful staff and parents from the school. The school’s Headteacher told the CKDCF that the children were thrilled with the new unit and that it had already made a big impact.

Thursday 1st October 2015